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  • Eurasian Wigeon’s Point of Reference

    Picture of white plastic jug/bouy where the wigeon was spotted the afternoon of December 4 and the morning of December 5, 2006. This spot is exactly at the end of RR 11 in Concho Recreation area, off of CR 1929 or the Ray Stoker Jr. Highway. If you’ll look at the houses on the opposite […]

  • A Nice Winter Mix

    I was just reflecting on our past week of birds in the Big Country and shaking my head as to the mixture that was found. This Sage Thrasher (above) was seen and photographed at Dyess AFB. It is a bird of the West, inhabiting sagebrush, brushy slopes, and mesas. It winters in the desert Southwest, […]

  • Bluebirds, Harriers, and Pantries: Mid November Birding

    Several Western Bluebirds are here in the Big Country for the winter. Found the first flock in Buffalo Gap and another at Cedar Gap Farm. For an explanation on the finer points of IDing Western vs. Eastern, visit the Mid-November Gallery. Lorie captured a couple of action shots of a Northern Harrier hunting for its […]

  • Unexpected November Finds

    Whenever my son and I bird together we engage in an activity at the end of the day we call, “What’s the best bird you saw and why.” It’s a way of recounting the day, carefully thinking about all the birds seen, and then choosing just one to win the title, “best.” Sometimes the best […]

  • End of October Treats

    My how time flies, and so do the birds. The end of October found pelicans at Lake Kirby, warblers still moving through, and brown woodpeckers alighting in the trees around town. For more photos and updates on the End of October birds click here. And visit this site soon; early November birds are winging this […]

  • Surf’s Up At Kirby Lake

    Another rare bird for the Big Country, a Surf Scoter. Same song, second verse. I wasn’t birding today, too many chores and the weather wasn’t exactly pleasant. But when Kathy called, I said yes. The last time Surf Scoter was recorded in this area was May of 1999. These birds are hardy seaducks. They breed […]

  • Ospreys Over Abilene, Mid-October

    More than one Osprey visited the Big Country; two were seen regularly at Lake Fort Phantom and two at Lake Kirby. The Osprey at Dyess AFB (above photo) was photographed again doing what it likes to do: eat fish. Because water plays such an important role in wildlife’s existence, our photos this time reflect birds […]

  • October Hummingbird

    This little hummingbird is still hanging around the yard when all others have left. Is it a straggling young Black-chinned or something else? I’ve posted pictures of this hummingbird so you can take a look. Under each picture I’ve commented about its field marks such as wing to tail ratio, bill shape, lack of buffiness, […]

  • Blackbird Behavior

    Today I saw a strange behavior; a Brown-headed Cowbird (BHCO) bowing before a Yellow-headed Blackbird (YHBL). Wherever the YHBL was, the nearest BHCOs would assume a crouching position and lower its head (see above photo). Both sexes of BHCO would “bow” near the YHBL. The BHCO would then move toward the YHBL while keeping its […]

  • Osprey Cruises Over Dyess AFB, Early October, 2006

    I’ve said it many times before: if you don’t get out and bird, you never know what you could be missing. Such was the case this past week. Birding has been slow, especially with the lack of warblers. I awoke early Tuesday morning and argued with myself whether to stay in bed and get a […]