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  • Oh My Deer!

    Some one once asked me if we saw other wildlife (other than birds) when on field trips. Yes we do! Many of our members were in the field in November and some of you sent in photos of your encounters such as this beautiful doe seen in Callahan County by Jay Capra. During the field […]

  • Pectoral Sandpiper, Dunlin at Wastewater; Red Crossbills in Buffalo Gap

    Saturday, December 22, 2007, Heidi Trudell and Cole Wild found this Pectoral Sandpiper at Wastewater Treatment Plant. This is a very very late date for a Pectoral; and if you’re interested in what else they saw this cold and windy day, take a look at their Sightings! Also, Mark Cranford from Midland reported a small […]

  • Dark Raptor and After Dark Wildlife

    I want to share some photos others sent in. These photos and sightings have added another level of understanding about the birds and wildlife in the Big Country. Diane Longenecker, Bird Supervisor from the Abilene Zoo, sent me two photos of an injured dark raptor, the face of which you see here. The photo gallery […]

  • Bobcat In Nature

    The last time I reported on bobcats at Dyess AFB was over a year ago. Yesterday I had the unique opportunity to witness the personal grooming habits of a bobcat hidden in dense riparian habitat. With snow still covering most of the area at Dyess, the ground was well saturated as I walked into a […]

  • Black Phoebe Found at Willhair Park

    This is a Black Phoebe! New member Dan found this bird at Willhair Park this past Saturday and posted to the web his findings. In fact, he found two Black Phoebes at the park! I followed up on his sighting, refound one bird, and managed a couple of diagnostic photos. (Sliding down a twenty-foot embankment […]

  • Lake Kirby in November, 2007

    With the past excitement of the jaeger flying around at Kirby, we’ve been doing a little more birding at the lake and have found a few interesting birds we’d like to share with you. With November’s warmer weather the egrets are hanging around in pretty good numbers, some gulls are showing off, and a few […]

  • Kirby Jaeger Identified as Pomarine

    For those of you who are following the discussions on Texbirds on the Kirby Lake Jaeger, Martin Reid posted his views regarding its identity. Below are his comments along with the photos submitted to highlight his conclusions. The full-sized photos can be found at Flickr. Lorie Black’s photo (above) is also used to highlight some […]

  • Jaeger Cruises Over Lake Kirby, November 8, 2007

    Heidi Trudell found a dark bird flying with the Ring-billed Gulls Thursday, November 8, 2007, around 12:45 p.m. at Lake Kirby, Taylor County, TX. But without a field guide, a definite ID could not be made. I re-found the bird around 4:30 p.m. and managed some photos. We believe the jaeger is a juvenile Parasitic […]

  • Blog Overload

    Well, I’ve gone and done it. I’ve birded and taken so many pictures the past couple of weeks that I now have close to 200 pictures for show and tell. But because I’m a nice guy I’ll condense the collection to fifty. No, I don’t have time for that many either. So here’s the succinct […]

  • September’s Magic

    It was that kind of morning; a dark foggy cool morning, just right for staying in bed and getting some extra shut-eye. But after the birding-side of my brain argued with the sleepy-side of my brain, I arrayed myself in birding attire, grabbed the binoculars, and headed out the door. A few minutes later I […]