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  • White Hummingbird in Abilene

    There is an almost albino (leucistic) hummingbird in Abilene, Texas. It is coming to a feeder at a private residence in south Abilene. If you are interested in seeing this bird, please contact us through this web site and a field trip will be arranged. More photos can be seen here.

  • Mystery Oriole

    A birder sent me a couple of pictures of an oriole he thinks is Hooded. It does appear to have a larger bill than Orchard and he said the overall size was clearly larger than any Orchard he’d seen before. The bird was seen at Lake Kirby in the weeds next to the dam. It […]

  • Seeing is Believing: American Woodcock in Taylor County – August 11, 2008

    Yesterday I opened up my inbox to discover an e-mail from a Big Country Audubon member who claimed to have seen an American Woodcock. Baloney! He saw a snipe. But when he sent the promised pictures, I was in SHOCK! How could this be? Woodcocks are nocturnal (he saw it during the daylight), they are […]