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  • Red-headed Woodpecker in Abilene, TX

    Big Country birding has been soooooo quiet this past week, even a little dead except for the occasional hummingbird fight at the feeders. A few warblers are passing through, mainly Yellow, a few Wilson’s and now a Nashville or two. But on this morning’s field trip to Oakwood Trails, our group spotted this dark-headed woodpecker: […]

  • Caspian Terns and Sanderlings at Kirby

    Once again, Lake Kirby has produced a couple of more rarities for the Big Country. This Caspian Tern (above) was spotted and photographed August 30, 2008, by Lorie Black. A week later (September 6), another Caspian Tern was seen but with a juvenile: Lorie thinks this is a different adult tern from the one seen […]