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  • Abilene State Park Goodies in February

    Dan Symonds found a Carolina Chickadee excavating a hole in a snag out at the Abilene State Park this past Sunday, February 3, 2008. Nest building in February? I knew our resident birds got started early, but geez, it’s barely February. And while photographing the excavation, a little red bird flew into the tree top […]

  • How to Remain Friends While Rarity Chasing

    During the Robert Lee CBC conducted by the Midland Naturalists on Saturday, December 15, an adult Golden-crowned Sparrow was located in a small flock of White-crowned Sparrows not far from the town (see below). This news spread like wildfire in the birding community and soon I was plotting a rarity chase. Commitments were first met, […]

  • I Love Bluebirds

    Eastern Bluebirds are loved for their brilliant plumage, their tameness, and their preference for nesting boxes. Many people view bluebirds as a symbol of representing all that is good in the world. I think I’ll have to agree. Bluebirds make me happy and I wanted to share some happiness with you today.