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  • Lake O.H.Ivie Field Trip by Kathy Hampton

    Six birders were welcomed at 7:00 AM on Saturday, Novemberl14, 2009 with a gorgeous red sunrise complete with some clouds, Venus and a narrow sliver of the moon. Leaves showed the range of colors–light green, dark green, yellow, orange, red, brown and all the shades between. I do not recall ever seeing the mesquite leaves […]

  • Spring Migration-Many Happy Returns

    It’s the time of year birders await with eager anticipation.  How will spring migration be this year?  The songbird migration of 2009 kicked off in early April with very good numbers of Clay-colored Sparrows moving through along with Chipping Sparrows.  Indigo, Lazuli and Painted Buntings have all been seen at Cedar Gap Farm.  Now will […]

  • March Birding Madness: County Firsts!

    The last week of March has revealed some incredibly out-of-range birds in the Big Country.  What is likely a Taylor County first is this Hooded Oriole, showing up at a nectar feeder at a northeast Abilene residence on March 24, 2009: Photo by LgPacker Hooded Orioles are normally found along the Rio Grande, in southern […]

  • A Dove and a Pelican

    Two bird occurrences made news here at BCAS this past week:  First, the rare sighting of a Ruddy Ground-Dove was reported in Tom Green County: Kudos to Don (who’s identity will remain protected); he found the bird in his backyard hanging out with the Inca Doves.  Also, over at Ocellated, there are some excellent first […]

  • What Happened in December?

    Nothing happens in the bird world in December, right?  Besides we’re too busy with holidays, CBCs (I did three!),  shopping, baking, and entertaining.  But while we were sleeping and waking and running, some of you noticed the birds and sent us photos. A lingering Scissor-tailed Flycatcher was found at the wastewater treatment plant in Jones […]