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  • Prairie Chickens seen at Lake Abilene?

    Larry Millar has received a report of Prairie Chicken sp. being seen at Lake Abilene yesterday.  No other details, but Larry says the person is a reliable source. This is a Lesser Prairie Chicken, it may look similar to it.   If you see them, please call our hotline and/or notify Abilene SP officials.

  • Species Spotlight… Great Kiskadee

    The Great Kiskadee (Pitangus sulphuratusis) a large (8.8 in. long, weight 2.2 oz.) tyrant flycatcher. It breeds in open woodlands with some tall trees, including cultivation and around human habitation, from southern Texas and Mexico to Uruguay and central Argentina, and on to Trinidad. An adult Great Kiskadee has a stout black bill. The head […]