Author: Lorie

  • May Events

    Thursday, May 7th – Our spring meeting will be at Cedar Gap Farm on Thursday, May 7th. See your newsletter for details and RSVP information. Saturday, May 9th – Field Trip to Abilene State Park.  We’ll leave from the Burger King on Antilley Road at 7:30AM.  Come earlier for breakfast. We’ll look for warblers, tanagers, […]

  • May 2, 2009 – Abilene Area

    Highlights: Tri-Colored Heron Peregrine Falcon Snowy Plover Tri-colored Heron Yellow-throated Vireo Eastern Kingbird Nashville Warbler Yellow Warbler Lake Fort Phantom Hill / SeaBee Park Cinnamon Teal – 2 Great Blue Heron – 3 Great Egret – 8 Snowy Egret -  12 Tri-colored Heron – 1 Cattle Egret: 14 Green Heron – 5 White-faced Ibis – […]

  • Spring Migration-Many Happy Returns

    It’s the time of year birders await with eager anticipation.  How will spring migration be this year?  The songbird migration of 2009 kicked off in early April with very good numbers of Clay-colored Sparrows moving through along with Chipping Sparrows.  Indigo, Lazuli and Painted Buntings have all been seen at Cedar Gap Farm.  Now will […]

  • Apirl 5, 2009 – Lake Fort Phantom Hill

    Eared Grebe – 8 Osprey – 2 Dowitcher sp – 50 Least Sandpiper – 8 Am. Avocet – 9 Green-winged Teal – 12 Blue-winged Teal – 6 Cinnamon Teal – 1 Ruddy Duck – 12 Brewer’s Blackbird – 5 Also, Say’s Phoebe (1) at Will Hair Park in Abilene Sightings by L. Black

  • April Events

    Thursday, April 2, 2009: General Meeting Eleanor (Ellie) Hamby will speak at our April meeting at 7:00 PM at the Rose Park Senior Activity Center. Ellie Hamby will present Journey to Galapogos. Ellie has been photographing people and wildlife all over the world for many years. Her specialty is capturing the faces of people and […]