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Heron Rookery Revisited


John and I revisited the Heron rookery in San Angelo to observe these majestic birds at their rookery. I learned herons have a certain protocol when pair bonding, wooing mates, and gathering nesting material.


I also learned where herons nest around Lake Fort Phantom if they don’t have trees to use as nest sites. Talk about high-rise apartments!

You can see the newest pictures and behavior in the Heron Rookery Revisited Album. And I didn’t just make this information up (well, some of it I did). The factual information came from BNA, Birds of North America Online. The creative interpretations came from this birder’s overactive imagination induced by being stuck inside all day l-o-n-g due to rain. I believe you can tell the factual from the creative captions. I gotta get out and do some sunshine birding. See you in the field.