Birds Like Weeds

Lesser Goldfinch

The past several days (OK, past several weeks) I’ve been noticing my garden is full of weeds, you know the kind of weeds that grow really tall and have these little yellow flowers on top. When they go to seed they produce these white feathery tuffs that blow in the wind. I really should get out and weed the garden; it would look a lot better. But I let them grow in the garden and even in the yard if my lawn mower man would leave them be. Why? I discovered they are food for the birds. The weedier the garden becomes, the more I see birds. I could say something profound about how birds and the native plants they depend on for food evolved together, but maybe a picture is worth more than profound words. Sometimes it’s a good thing to let the weeds grow. To see the other birds eat the weeds, click here.