Three Buntings at Cedar Gap Farm

Painted Bunting

Big Country Audubon met Thursday night for our May social meeting. If you were not there, you missed a great meal, good company, and excellent birds! The Painted Buntings were at every feeder (and that’s a lot of Painted Buntings). But what was extremely exciting were the two Indigo Buntings that showed up AND a Lazuli Bunting showed up! Now how good can it get? We accused Homer of paying the buntings to put in an appearance. The icing on the evening were the Common Poorwills heard in the night sky. Thanks to all who organized the event, brought food, and many thanks to Homer and Earlene for allowing us to use their observation room. The Painted Buntings will stay at Cedar Gap the whole summer and if you get out to the gap soon, you might also catch sight of the Indigo and Lazuli Buntings.