I Love The Nesting Season

coyote pup

There are other critters that “nest” this time of year. Because we’re Audubon we like to look at birds but John has captured some other critters in the nesting season. A few coyote pups were seen outside their den perhaps waiting for mom and dad to return with food. If you’ll click here, you’ll see more of John’s latest photographs taken at Dyess AFB. Ah, yes, he did take some bird pictures, too.

Snake Skin

Speaking of critters, I can only image what this shedded snake skin was doing drapped around the branches of this huge tree. I sometimes look were I’m stepping but now I’ve developed the habit of looking up, too. It’s called the Birder’s Two Step: Look down, step. Look up, step. I don’t bird as fast as I used to.