August Endings

solitary- sandpiper

After the excitement the bobcat story generated, how can I go back to the mundane? But wait, did I just call birds and birding mundane? What was I thinking? There’s been some pretty interesting birding this past week. A little rain and a shift in the wind direction signaled the start of a journey for billions of birds (entire species) to start swarming over the globe. Some birds will travel to Mexico for the winter, others will travel as far south as Argentina, but some will stop here in the Big Country. For example, the Solitary Sandpiper (pictured above) will winter in the Amazon Basin. We have been out gathering pictures of the birds that pass through our area. To find out what we’ve been seeing and where they are going, check out our August Endings pictures.

Come to think of it, birding hasn’t been mundane; the phenomena known as migration is pretty exciting stuff.