Boom-Stomp; Strut-Rustle


Prairie Chickens and Wild Turkeys began their displays the middle of April; and several Audubon members were privileged to see the Attwater’s Prairie Chickens at the Abilene Zoo (above). Attwater’s are endangered because they are loosing their habitat. Read more about the Abilene Attwater’s Prairie Chicken Reintroduction Program at the Zoo’s website and for a more thorough explanation of the recovery program, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service has an excellent website.

You’ll need special permission from the Abilene Zoo to see the Prairie Chickens, but if you want to see Wild Turkey displaying,


come on out to Cedar Gap Farm. The toms are strutting for the hens and you can see plenty of other birds there, too. More pictures are in the Boom-Stomp; Strut-Rustle Gallery.

Now here’s a question to ponder: how do those toms stay puffed up without hurting themselves?