Walnut Creek Ranch Field Trip, May 19, 2007


What a fantastic field trip we had to Walnut Creek Ranch! I don’t know where to begin the accolades so here goes:

The view was breathtaking:


…the accommodations wonderful:


…the bird banding brilliantly fascinating:


…the birding exciting:


…the colorful caterpillars captivating:


…and the company, a riot!

BCAS group

The pictures are now up at the Walnut Creek Ranch Gallery. There’s a whole bunch of ’em but you can pick and choose which ones to peruse. Our brainy webmaster added pagination to our website and the ability to add captions or descriptions to the thumbnail pictures. Take a look, you’ll like what you see.

As for the mysterious red caterpillar with yellow horns, check out Bugs for Thugs, an excellent website dealing with everything creepy (to some) and crawly. Remember, those beautiful birds we all love to watch consume vast quantities of bugs so you might want to log in from time to time to see what fasinating bugs walk (or crawl or fly) on this earth. Then razz Kelley when you see one snatched out of the air by our feathered friends. (Just kidding, Kelley.)

And now back to Walnut Creek Ranch. I’ll be adding this wonderful birding site to our Birding Locations soon with directions so you can visit again and again. Our gracious host, Kathi Johnson, welcomes birders and those looking for a place to just get away from it all. The short two-hour drive from Abilene is scenic and I’ll be looking forward to going back soon.