Mid-July Parenting


This year only one Swainson’s Hawk chick sits in the nest at Mesquite Grove Golf Course. The nest started out with two chicks but either fratricide, rain storms (I think I remember we had some rain), or an accidental slip reduced the nest to one. The hawks are being good parents and every mockingbird, scissor-tail, and kingbird are once again voicing their displeasure every time one of the big birds soars in the air. These majestic birds have made their nest in a large mesquite and they’re pretty easy to see.


But across the Base high atop a public address system, another set of parents work hard to raise their young. I watched two Western Kingbirds attend to their nestlings and marveled at the lengths some birds go to find that perfect nest site. Some parents have lofty goals for their kids; drop into the Mid-July Parenting gallery and you’ll see what I mean.