Rufous in the Big Country


Rufous Hummingbirds have hit the Big Country! Member Jay Capra photographed this beautiful male the first week of August at a private residence in the Buffalo Gap area. He says; “I was MOST excited about the hummer, having only seen a Rufous on our place once before and never 2 days in a row. He has been here 4 days and has a spot in one of our cedar trees where I know he’ll be if he isn’t chasing the Ruby-throats away from his favorite feeder. The Rufous is still hanging out here (as of August 27th) and this past weekend I thought I saw the female.”

Another bird enthusiast, Marjorie, photographed a young male Rufous in the Cedar Gap area. She was so thrilled to have one visit her feeders that she had trouble holding the camera still. I know how she feels.

Not only did Jay send hummingbird pictures, but he sent other bird and wildlife pictures. You can check them out at the Rufous in the Big Country Album. Thank you, Jay and Marjorie, for sending us your pictures.

And by the way, if you’d like to share your summer birding stories/pictures with us, let me know. If it was interesting to you, it’ll be interesting to us. I’ve already got a wonderful report from a couple who vacationed in Colorado and another personal birding adventure in Big Bend to tell you about.

See ya in the next blog!