Yawn! Where’s the Action?


The beginning of September’s birding has been a little too slow and quiet even for this avid birder’s tastes. It’s hard to top two weeks’ birding in Big Bend last month and I got distracted by club activities, family matters, and football. However a little time spent outdoors quickly rekindled the birding enthusiasm and a very cooperative Scissor-tailed Flycatcher (above) gave me an intimate look at how birds maintain their feathers for flight.


Speaking of feathers, some birds defy identification by sporting all-white tails. Don sent me a picture of a bird he photographed at the lake; it didn’t match up to any in the field guides. Do you know what this bird is?

To solve this bird’s anonymity and to see more preening action click on Flycatcher Preens Gallery. And by the way, if you thought the flycatcher was yawning; you’d be wrong. This action is called…. Oh, just go to the pictures to find out!