Oh My Deer!


Some one once asked me if we saw other wildlife (other than birds) when on field trips. Yes we do! Many of our members were in the field in November and some of you sent in photos of your encounters such as this beautiful doe seen in Callahan County by Jay Capra.


During the field trip to O.H. Ivie Reservoir, an eight-point buck stepped out of the brush intent on a mission. He thrilled those of us on this field trip by coming close to the vehicle. He hesitated long enough for a few shots.


And photos of the most unexpected deer encounter came from Kim Walton, Natural Resources Manager, at Dyess Air Force Base. To see the outcome of this encounter and all the other deer photos, go to Oh My Deer! in the photo gallery section.

So the next time you are looking for birds, pay attention to everything. You never know what’s hiding in the brush!