April’s Ending

April may have just ended but the spring nesting season has just begun! The Swainson’s are nesting again:


Eastern Bluebirds are tending to young:


and other goodies are passing through the Big Country on their way to their breeding grounds such as Black-headed Grosbeak, Marbled Godwits, Sprague’s Pipit, and Tri-colored Heron. We’ve all been having birder’s high for awhile now and the fun just keeps getting better. Now is a great time to get out and enjoy what’s here and what’s passing through. Go to April’s Ending to see all the goodies; and then go to Bluebirds Ad Nauseam for more gorgeous bluebird photos. Upon browsing the photos, you may find something other than birds enjoying the warm spring sunshine:


Photo of mating Swainson’s Hawks by John English, photo of bluebird and ground squirrel by Laura Packer. All images are copyrighted.