May Migration, 2008!

Last week was the time of year every birder looks forward to: spring migration. Whether the birds came to your backyard,


stopped at the local park,


flew into Dyess,


or waded out at the lake,


migrants were here in the Big Country and several members sent photos for us to enjoy.

Now if the above pictures don’t move you to click on May Migration 2008 gallery to see what else was migrating through, then you are not a birder and you need to seriously consider visiting another website! If you didn’t see any migrants this past week; don’t fret. Migration is not over. It’s not too late to get outside and look around. Migration is happening all over the Big Country!

Above photos from top to bottom: Lazuli Bunting, Gray Catbird, and Yellow-breasted Chat (c) LgPacker. Ruddy Turnstone (c) Lorie Black