Haskell Wild Goose Chase

Wild Goose Chasers

“WGC”–October 31,2009
On a chilly, calm Saturday morning, eleven birders gathered at Towne
Crier.  Most had breakfast before traveling to Haskell County to view
the geese at and coming to Winchester Lake.  Since the lake is on
private property, we birded from a gravel read near by.  This made a
good place to set Joe’s telescope and the club scope between the three
vehicles.  We tried to encourage the geese to land on the near shore of
the lake, but they refused to cooperate.  At least, we had “optics” to
help to see them better.
Birders were Kim Berry, Linda Collins, Kathy Hampton, Bill Hughes, Bera
Johnson, Larry Millar, Edna Ross, Dan Symonds, Bonnie and Joe Thompson,
and Charlene Wheeler.  Some were rather new birders.  Everyone enjoyed
sharing “optics” and pointing pictures in guide books to identify birds
and help some to get several new life birds.

The most common bird was the Greater White-fronted Goose.  There were
hundreds of them.  They are very graceful and show beautiful colors as
they circle the water with wings and tail spread.  Then they put down
their yellow landing gear and oh so gently settle on the water without a

Two coyotes and a deer attracted much attention.  Larry Millar was
delighted to find a nanny goat’s head and horns, and one ram’s horn to
take back to school for his art students to draw.