Lake O.H.Ivie Field Trip by Kathy Hampton

Six birders were welcomed at 7:00 AM on Saturday, Novemberl14, 2009 with a gorgeous red sunrise complete with some clouds, Venus and a narrow sliver of the moon. Leaves showed the range of colors–light green, dark green, yellow, orange, red, brown and all the shades between. I do not recall ever seeing the mesquite leaves turn such a rich yellow color.  Sumacs were their well known bright red.

Temperatures were pleasant, winds calm. Had there been no birds, it would have been a great day to be outdoors.

The group listed 64 species and well more than 3,000 birds.  Each birder got at least one “life bird.” Tom Dolan recorded Short-eared Owland Rock Wren. Toni Dolan recorded Lark Bunting and American Pipit. Joe and Bonnie Thompson listed Lark Bunting and Franklin’s Gull. Dan Symonds actually showed excitement over his new lifer, Crested Caracara. (Way to go Dan!) Kathy Hampton did not even try to hide her rejoicing

over an unexpected Short-eared Owl that, at mid-morning, took flight right by us as we searched for the Rock Wren we were hearing. Check the

bird list for several other “really good” birds that we saw. All agreed that it was a great, fun day to be outside and bird! Birds are on the move. Be on the look-out!