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This is embarrassing. Our website fell out of date, but we’re working on a new one that will be online soon.

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Also, be sure to follow our Vice President, Jay Packer’s Big Year of Birding, as he tries to see as many species of bird in Taylor County in 2019 to raise money for the Kirby Lake Nature Park. Learn more and see his beautiful photography at his site.

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5 responses to “New Site’s Coming Soon… Sign Up for our Email Newsletter”

  1. I need to speak with a. Chapter leader about the upcoming city of Abilene Blue Ribbon committee meeting on July 18 7:00 pm regarding possible future bind projects which includes the Kirby Lake trail. Please have someone call me asap!

  2. Hello,
    I apologize for the delay in sending over this message. I was at Laura’s Blind in Abilene State Park back in February. The blind is a great setup and all, but I just wanted to report up to three bird window strikes during the 20 or so minutes that I was there. There was one goldfinch sitting on the box beneath the window at arrival that looked to potentially be stunned, but while I was there, two goldfinches at two different times struck the window when they were all spooked from the feeder. It was the rightmost window when facing out, and there was evidence of other strikes on the glass.

  3. I have always enjoyed setting in a blind waiting on deer. Just as it gets daylight the mockingbirds begin to sound off. As it gets lighter so many different birds gather under the feeder. Many times I see a painted bunting by the pond early in the season. Their beauty is always so amazing.

  4. I am co-author of a new book LAND STEWARDSHIP FOR BIRDS: A GUIDE FOR CENTRAL TEXAS and need to reach your Program Speaker Coordinator. My writing partner Rufus Stephens and I would like to present a land stewardship for birds program for your group.

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