Rare Shorebirds in the Area


This past week some rare shorebirds (for our area) dropped in at Lake Kirby. A Piping Plover


and a Sanderling on the 6th of May were seen and photographed by Lorie Black.


Six Hudsonian Godwits were seen at Abilene’s waste water ponds in Jones County on the 13th. OK, the picture isn’t very clear so click here to see what a Hudsonian Godwit really looks like. The last time these birds were seen in Abilene was April 30, 1994. White-rumped Sandpipers numbering between 75 to 100 were also seen. They aren’t exactly rare but we don’t see them very often. A few pictures can be seen here.

One response to “Rare Shorebirds in the Area”

  1. Actually, I’ve seen Hudsonian Godwits twice in the Abilene area. Once with you at Lake Kirby on April 30, 1994 and by myself at Waste Water on May 26, 2002.