Juvenile Bluebirds at Dyess

Juvenile Eastern Bluebird

Today when checking on nestboxes at Dyess I spotted this juvenile Eastern Bluebird hanging around the nestbox where it had hatched about four weeks ago. Because this birder was out enjoying migration the bluebird photos hadn’t been updated. So here’s the update:  Five eggs were laid; four chicks hatched.  Three chicks either fledged early or were missing due to predation because only one nestling appeared in the nest on May 4.  By May 11 the nest was empty and the adults have already built a second nest in a different nestbox.  On May 22 this box had 1 egg in it!  So this juvenile will soon have more brothers and sisters if the second nesting attempt is successful. Pictures of the hatchlings, their progress and the young juvenile can be seen here.

4 responses to “Juvenile Bluebirds at Dyess”

  1. Out of a normal clutch of eggs usually there is one that doesn’t hatch. Baby birds can’t fly very well when they leave the nest, they usually spend several days on the ground. If something doesn’t get them when they’re grounded (like the domestic cat), their hunting and foraging skills aren’t well developed and they make mistakes in this area, too. It’s amazing we have any birds at all.

  2. I saw two baby eastern bluebirds on the wire about a week ago. they looked exactly like the one pictured. i now know what type of bird they were!

    -great picture btw.