First Pictures of Kiskadee


At last! Pictures! Four of us waited patiently this morning for the kiskadee. After about 2 hours of no luck the brains of the group (Matt White) stated the kiskadee would probably answer a tape if anyone had its call. The Most Knowledgeable Individual Around (inside joke) ran back home, got her iPod, played the kiskadee call, and within 5 minutes the real kiskadee answered back. Not only did he answer The Call, but he posed nicely for John’s camera.


Way to go, John! I know the light was pathetic and you had to use a high ISO, but we now have diagnostic pictures. No mistaking this bird’s identity. As I’m writing this the temperature outside has dropped to the low 60s; our first front of the season. Will the kiskadee ride out with it or will it be there tomorrow? Stay tuned and in the meantime, enjoy the kiskadee pictures.


(All photos by John English)

2 responses to “First Pictures of Kiskadee”

  1. Way to go.

    Beautiful photos, John. Congrats. Good thinking on the call. Where was it sighted.