Surf’s Up At Kirby Lake


Another rare bird for the Big Country, a Surf Scoter. Same song, second verse. I wasn’t birding today, too many chores and the weather wasn’t exactly pleasant. But when Kathy called, I said yes. The last time Surf Scoter was recorded in this area was May of 1999. These birds are hardy seaducks. They breed in northern Canada and Alaska and migrate along the Pacific coast or Atlantic coast. The bird pictured above is a juvenile. It was photographed on Lake Kirby October 23, 2006. It appears to be wearing something around its neck. Other photos can be viewed in the Surf Scoter gallery. To see a picture of an adult Surf Scoter, check out this link.


As an added enjoyment, three Common Loons were also swimming on choppy Lake Kirby. Loons usually are found on much larger, deeper lakes.

So yipee! A neat find today. I understand tomorrow’s weather will be cloudy and rainy. I just may have to go birding again.

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