Merry Christmas


Thanks to everyone for making our Christmas gathering fun, festive, surprising, and tasty! The food was delicious, the entertainment informative, and the surprise unexpected. I enjoyed seeing everyone; you are a special group of friends that I can share my enthusiastic joy of birding with. Thank You All for the goodies you brought. A big Thank You to my non-birding spouse for providing the entertainment. I know the hours it took to produce twenty minutes of video. A huge Thank You to Kim for allowing me and John to run around on base and bring you images of the birdlife there. And another Thank You to John for always having a camera handy. I’ve posted a few pictures; they’re in the Christmas Social, 2006 album under Club Activities. Because these photos are candid and not posed (well, one of them was posed), I took the liberty of being a tad creative with captions. I love you all, see you in the field on CBC!

One response to “Merry Christmas”

  1. The downside to being a great photographer – never in front of the camera. Somebody needs to take John’s picture next year.

    The captions were good for a few laughs. Thanks.