From A to Y, February’s Color in Winter

We don’t think of winter as being particularly colorful. Everything’s mostly shades of brown or gray, drab colors to match our cloudy sunless days. But I was just processing several photos of winter bird species and had to share the beautiful colors of our Big Country birds with you.


From the orange in American Kestrel…


…to the yellow in Yellow-rumped Warbler, our winter birds contain almost every color of the rainbow.


Red cardinals…


…crimson Pyrrhuloxias…


…orange towhees…


…yellow goldfinches…


…and blue bluebirds.


Even some of our sunsets have been a burst of color. Want to see more color? Then please check out the eye candy in the Color in Winter gallery.

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  1. Joe, Pyrrhuloxias are found in thorny brush (think lotebush, acacia or agarito), mesquite thickets, desert, woodland edges, and ranchlands in the southwest. That’s the general area. The specific areas I’ve seen them in are at Lake Kirby, Lake Ft. Phantom (at the ruins, too), Buffalo Gap area (along Bell Plains Road), the Abilene State Park, and occasionally at my feeder in NE Abilene. Best time to find them is early morning in the spring when the males will be perched atop a bush singing to defend his territory.