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  • From A to Y, February’s Color in Winter

    We don’t think of winter as being particularly colorful. Everything’s mostly shades of brown or gray, drab colors to match our cloudy sunless days. But I was just processing several photos of winter bird species and had to share the beautiful colors of our Big Country birds with you. From the orange in American Kestrel… […]

  • Buffleheads Fly, Others Shiver

    These attractive ducks seemed impervious to our record low of 16 the other morning. John took some excellent photos as you’re about to see while I tried to bury myself in his borrowed thermal blanket. But then the ducks took to the air and I stopped hibernating long enough to capture their flight across the […]

  • Splish Splash, Fox Sparrow Takin’ a Bath

    While birding Fort Griffin State Park with Heidi (awesome birder, transplanted Houstonian, she too has been stuck in mud), we came upon a small puddle of water where the local residents were taking public bathes. But these residents bathe with their finest attire, and one unusually good lookin’ “Winter Texan” (well he came to Texas […]

  • Territorial Dispute Between Hawk and Owl

    While John and I were hunkered down in a very wet, cold ditch at Dyess AFB last Monday morning (January 29th to be exact) waiting for a little stealthy Le Conte’s Sparrow to put in an appearance so its Paparazzi could immortalize it, we noticed hardly anything was stirring or flying about. With ice in […]