So Many Birds; So Little Time to Blog


One faithful reader commented the other day, “I check your website everyday, but I’m not finding anything recent.” Ouch; I’m guilty as charged. But those close to me know I haven’t been slouching off. Quite the contrary. I’ve been birding almost non-stop since mid-April. Birding in and around Abilene, birding on the upper Texas coast, birding in Austin, and birding at Dyess. My eyes are tired and blurry from staring at tall trees and deciphering what little feathers are moving about in the canopy. Why the non-stop birding? It’s migration and millions of our breeders are returning to claim a territory, build nests, and raise a family. It’s so exciting (to me at least) to find warblers, tanagers, buntings, and others. If I blink I might miss something. OK, I’ll slow down and process the hundreds of photos I’ve taken the past few weeks. No, I’m not going to throw all of them up on the web. I wouldn’t do that to my failthful readers. But I did pick a good solid baker’s dozen to illustrate some of the warblers and others seen recently. So Many Birds; So Little Time; thanks for looking. And keep watching the trees and this website. I’ll throw up some more photos soon.

One response to “So Many Birds; So Little Time to Blog”

  1. Tell that reader to get a good RSS reader and that way they’ll know when updates are posted.

    Internet Explorer 7 has RSS built in, there’s Sage for Firefox users, and my favorite is FeedReader.