Moms Working Hard

This past Sunday, May 13, was Mother’s Day. Since this site is all about birds and nature, I thought you might like to see what the mother birds were doing last week. I accidentally stumbled upon several species of birds tending to nests at Dyess AFB. I spotted this mother cardinal bringing food to her babies:


Thank goodness our mothers didn’t force these green wiggly things down our throats (although this reminds me of some of those green vegetables I had to eat).

This Ash-throated Flycatcher was also hard at work:


I think her menu item was cricket.

Not all birds are on the protein-only diet, some birds eat fruit as evidenced by this male Rose-breasted Grosbeak:


For the record, Rose-breasted Grosebeaks aren’t normally found in Abilene. BCAS has less than a handful of Abilene records; they are pretty rare. They are more common in the mature eastern forests. So this find was a real treat!

If you’ll click on Moms Working Hard gallery, you can see other photos of the birds I saw last week. And if you haven’t already, thank your mom for all she does, has done, and will do for you. Moms are the best!

2 responses to “Moms Working Hard”

  1. I’ve had a Black-headed Grosbeak at my house for the last 5 days, but I believe he’s gone now!

  2. Sean,
    Glad to know you saw the Black-headed Grosbeak. I usually have one that shows up at my feeders for a few days before moving further west. Thanks for keeping us informed.