Cedar Gap Farm’s Newest Resident: Black-capped Vireo

For those of you picking up today’s Abilene Reporter-News and seeing an article about Cedar Gap Farm and wanting more information, you came to the right place. Just click on Cedar Gap Farm in Birding Locations to read more about the birds and wildlife at the Hutto’s Cedar Gap Farm.


As for the Black-capped Vireo, two were seen and a male photographed in early May. The Hutto’s were hopeful their years’ of hard work would attract this species and by finding them again in mid-June it is apparent the vireos are nesting somewhere on their property. The Hutto’s welcome birders to their place who want to look for this species; but the vireo has not established any pattern yet to be seen reliably. Updates on the birds’ nesting success will be posted as soon as someone can confirm either a nest or juveniles.

If you make a trip to see the vireos and don’t find them, you will not be disappointed in the other birds that are present. Who could be disappointed with the Painted Bunting…


…or the Indigo Bunting?


To see more pictures of the vireo and buntings visit Cedar Gap Farm Buntings and Vireo. To see what else is showing up at Cedar Gap Farm, spend a leisurely morning there and enjoy the wildlife!

4 responses to “Cedar Gap Farm’s Newest Resident: Black-capped Vireo”

  1. Thank you so much for these pictures and your stories. We are getting calls and visitors. It is exciting to have all these special birds. Thanks again for your interest and help!

  2. We owe a lot to the Huttos. Many thanks from Bill and his sister from Houston who didn’t know there were birds anywhere but south Texas.