Babes, Bullock’s and Other Birds

Last week John English photographed the birds at Cedar Gap Farm and produced some amazing pictures:


Who says birds don’t engage in sports? This looks like a hand-off (er..beak-off) from bill to bill! Wish I could see it again in s-l-o-w m-o-t-i-o-n! John got more great photos of some of the birds at Cedar Gap Farm. A Carolina Wren came visiting:


As did a Ladder-backed Woodpecker:


And if you expect to see Bullock’s Orioles and other birds, you’ll have to check out the Babes, Bullock’s and Other Birds Gallery. There are some pictures of young birds in the Big Country that might be confusing to beginning birders, and a couple of pictures that remind us not all birds operate at one hundred percent. And for fun, I threw in a picture of a birder having a silly time. Betcha can’t guess who it is, hah!

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