September’s Spectacles


Another quiet week, a little cool spell and a few migrants marked last week’s birding. The above photo of a Green Heron at the Lily Fest in San Angelo was taken by Lorie Black. She said he really put on a show Saturday. He hopped from pad to pad. As it began to sink he’d hop to another. He was filling up on the little Mosquito Fish.


A few warblers were trickling into the Big Country. This Black-throated Green Warbler was seen in southern Taylor County off CR 134. A Peregrin Falcon, Osprey, and Northern Harrier were spotted in Jones County.


Even though it’s mid-September, I keep seeing juveniles. This young Curve-billed Thrasher dressed in his new school clothes was spotted the morning it turned cool. Mom was nearby trying to make the old feathers look presentable.


And lastly, a Yellow-billed Cuckoo was spotted out in the open! When caught, his only defense was to act like a tree. You can see a few more photos in the September’s Spectacles Gallery.

2 responses to “September’s Spectacles”

  1. Yes, it’s an excellent picture. I love the colors in the photo: blues, greens, rust, yellow, pink. And look at the reflections in the water! The blues and greens are a reflection of the heron and the pinks are the shirt of an observer. How cool is that?