Abilene State Park Goodies in February


Dan Symonds found a Carolina Chickadee excavating a hole in a snag out at the Abilene State Park this past Sunday, February 3, 2008. Nest building in February? I knew our resident birds got started early, but geez, it’s barely February.


And while photographing the excavation, a little red bird flew into the tree top across the creek. This sighting got me excited; do you know what it is?


And since I was already at the Park and curious to see what birds were coming to the feeders at the bird blind, I found some more goodies. To see the chickadee excavation, to find out what the little red bird is, and to see all the other photos, go to the State Park Goodies in February picture gallery. Thanks for looking!

3 responses to “Abilene State Park Goodies in February”

  1. Just a follow up on the Carolina Chickadee’s nest excavation. As of Sunday morning (Mar. 9), it is still in the area of the excavation site and on territory.