Upland Sandpipers and Great Kiskadee in April


During the first half of April, Upland Sandpipers fly into the Big Country, like this one seen off S. 27th at Oakwood Trails (Centennial Park). They are a difficult bird to photograph, because they seem to know just how far to land away from the camera. But I caught a couple of them taking a leisurely walk in the short grass, their favorite habitat, on Tuesday, April 8. Just four days earlier, Lorie first found 17 Upland Sandpipers on Boys Ranch Road. So keep your eyes open for these dove-sized birds with long necks and small heads.


And then on Wednesday, April 9, while birding with another birder from New Jersey (hi Steve) in Will Hair Park, our “resident” Great Kiskadee called out from the creek bed. The New Jersey birder was ecstatic to get this bird on his life list and digiscoped; and I was ecstatic to record it in early April.

A few more pictures of these birds are in the Upland-Kiskadee Gallery; check it out!

5 responses to “Upland Sandpipers and Great Kiskadee in April”

  1. lovely shot of our elusive friend – what time(s) has he been most reliable? (early AM, mid AM?)

  2. This lovely bird was indeed a great prize for my brief, but highly enjoyable visit. Thank you Laura for the great hospitality and for letting the Kiskadee know I was coming to see him.

  3. heidi, our elusive friend is just that, elusive and unpredictable. These photos were taken about 2:20pm. Previously the kiskadee has put in appearances at sunrise, mid-morning, and even as late as 4pm. It’s been seen as far south as the 1600 block of Cedar Crest and as far north as the intersection of Lincoln Dr. and Hillcrest, but always associated with Cedar Creek. It calls occasionally (that’s the only way I’ve been able to locate it) and it fishes close to the surface of the water perching below the creek’s bank. Let us know if you relocate the bird!

  4. Steven! The kiskadee surprised me as much as you. Glad you saw it and glad to meet you. See ya next time!

  5. thankee! if they like dog food, marshmallows, orange/grapefruit slices in the RGV, perhaps he’s finding our area palette a bit tastier…