Baby Bluebird Behavior

Hi everybody! This blog is still alive and doing well. You haven’t heard from me in a while because I’ve been too focused on birding and not paying enough attention to blogging. But hopefully this set of baby bluebird photos will reassure you that we haven’t been slackers. The last time we visited the Eastern Bluebirds, the parents were bringing food to their young in the natural cavities or nestboxes. The other day John and I discovered newly fledged bluebirds and photographed mom and dad stuffing bugs and berries into their gaping beaks:


All four little eager-to-be-fed fledglings lined up on one branch waiting patiently to be fed. Mom and Dad flew furiously back and forth between open mouths and the grocery store, bringing home the protein and the fruit. But one little fledgling couldn’t wait to be fed in orderly fashion so it kept scrambling from one side of the lineup to the other in an attempt to be fed next. But no matter which side it switched to, Mom or Dad always seemed to alight on the other side, farthest away from its hungry mouth.

But don’t let me bore you with words, take a look at the pictures in Baby Bluebird Behavior Gallery. All the drama was digi-captured and you can find out if the hungriest fledgling ever got fed. Enjoy!

2 responses to “Baby Bluebird Behavior”

  1. Just fantastic! Look forward to showing them to Pete. Felt like I was sitting on a limb a foot away from the BB family.

  2. such precious bluebird babies. Keep the neat pics coming. I’m confined to quarters for some foot surgery so I’ll enjoy your birds bigtime.