May Happened; Then June

OK, I’m flying in all directions and vow to slow down. You believe that? Me neither. But I’ve been collecting photos of our birds in the Big Country these last two months and am now ready to share them with you.

In May Happenings Gallery, you’ll see who has bred successfully, who has some babies, and which tireless parents are feeding their young. And I threw in this photo of a Black-chinned Hummingbird feeding from Prickly Pear. How West Texas is this?


In June’s Findings Gallery, more of the same:


Does this Bullock’s Oriole make you turn your head down and to the left? I promise the other birds in the photos are reasonably straight and the photos’ captions are a light and quick read. With all the real work, yard work, and house work that’s vying for our attention, who needs extra computer work? Seeya next post!

2 responses to “May Happened; Then June”

  1. Great pics…thanks for bringing beauty to us without our having to get out in the heat! You spoil us!! Peggy