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I bet you thought I was never going to post again. Uh…me to! But here I am to let you know what happens when you throw up a portable blind and watch the birds on the move in the Big Country. Warblers began their migration at the end of September and I caught a few in all their digital beauty:


John caught a flicker arriving for the winter:


and Kim caught more than feathers.


Without blind assistance Dan caught a migrant at a local pond catching a meal:


and Lorie caught a sapsucker settling in at the Abilene State Park:


I’ve thrown a bunch of pictures into the Blind Sightings Gallery and I know you’ll enjoy them! And thank you, members for sending your pictures our way. If you have seen something we didn’t catch slipping into the Big Country, drop us a note and let us know what you found.

2 Responses to “Blind Sightings”

  1. Peggy Beckham Says:

    Great Pics…thank you!

  2. Edna Says:

    Very nice. I’ll forward them to Barbara in Atlanta so she can enjoy them too.