No Theme, Just Pictures

Most blogs have some sort of theme: species, seasonal, rarities, or trip. This blog is none of the aforementioned. I have a hodge podge of interesting photos I wanted to share with you that others have sent in. Such as this photo of a Loggerhead Shrike taken by Joe Thompson:


Joe happened to find the shrike posing nicely in front of his red workshop. What the shrike did next….well…you’ll have to take a look.

The next group of fascinating photos comes from Kim Walton; he captured the wild nightlife at Dyess AFB with his wildlife camera. Do you know what this is coming to water?


And below is a photo of the Eastern Bluebird eggs Marsha found in her mom’s nestbox at the end of the season:


Me, I’ve pretty much been a slacker; just bummin’ around outside listening to quail and watching the leaves turn:


Hey, we really do have fall in the Big Country.

Yep, I told you it was a No Theme Gallery. Take a look at the rest of the pictures, I’m sure you’ll enjoy! Thanks to all who contributed their photos. Please keep ’em coming!

4 responses to “No Theme, Just Pictures”

  1. What happened to the pic of the “real” birders I sent? Just kidding. I loved the night cam pics. A peek at what goes on as we enjoy our z-z-zs!

  2. Hey, Bera, what happens on the field trips, stays in the field trips. We have to keep some things secret! :=)

  3. Thanks, I’m glad you are making such great pictures for us to enjoy. I still plan to do that some day.